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qizhen Jun 15

And because of the high hardness of granite, wear, it is also commonly used in high-level building decoration works hall of the ground, such as hotels, restaurants, auditorium and other hall granite plate surface processing degree is different, that is, their surface texture is not the same, Use should be noted.[url=http://exteriordeckingcladding.com/durable-deck/4571.html]flat roof decking construction[/url]

General mirror sheet and fine surface of the surface smooth and smooth, delicate texture, and more for indoor walls and the ground, but also for some of the external walls of the building decoration, paving smoke and shine, shadows reflected, Dunsheng magnificent sense The Rough surface rough surface rough, rough expansion, mainly used for outdoor wall foundation and wall decoration, there is a quaint, return to the natural intimacy.[url=http://exteriordeckingcladding.com/wpc-export/3689.html]Japanese Style Fence Panel[/url]

 As for the choice of granite sheet tones, should consider the entire building decoration requirements and other parts of the material color coordination. In addition, the natural stone price is expensive, the choice should be carefully considered. The effect of a single stone and the effect of the entire finishes will be different, it can not be simply based on the color of a single sample of the sample to determine, should think of a large area after the overall effect of paving, it is best to learn from a similar stone decoration Building finishes, so as to avoid waste due to improper selection. [url=http://exteriordeckingcladding.com/wpc-export/3680.html]floor tiles design for terrace UAE[/url]