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Custom closet now by more and more consumers, its benefits had so many! The reason why custom closet favored, both due to its industrial production, but also tailor-made, and extensive the cheapest priced privacy vinyl fence environmental protection, fashion, professional and home applications. Then, select the custom closet in the end what specific benefits? Xiaobian detailed road come! More and more people choose custom closet had so many benefits Factory production: quality and stability Just from the choice of materials, the ordinary wardrobe or poor production level of field production wardrobe。

it is possible to use ordinary sheet and general hardware accessories, such as poor wardrobe moisture resistance, and even prone to mildew, deformation, discoloration, paint, cracking. The regular custom closet, widely used in high-quality make a simple deck sitting moisture resistant plates, easy deformation, discoloration and cracking damage, but also easy to clean. And from hardware accessories, the closet door to track and borders, for example, the track and its main components such as the frame are made of aerospace aluminum alloy titanium rolled, high strength, no deformation; its next slide bearing.

the rail-oriented structure, with high-quality pulley, sliding to achieve a smooth, quiet effect; wood and all kinds of pressure on the rail and sprayed color border, including maple, beech, cherry, gold, white and trendy hidden box; and frosted glass door panel can be full-length mirror and pressure panels. Coupled with such a full range of high-quality hardware cladding mould manufacturers in south africa accessories wardrobe sliding door, the normal life of up to 10 years. Even if consumers do not know how Shibian material advantages and disadvantages, may also wish to open the closet smell the odor.