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on the first warm, whether or tiled floors should meet several conditions like this: dimensionally stable, can withstand temperature changes without damage; no distortion, cracking, low coefficient buy blue colored decking boards of thermal expansion and contraction; environmental protection, no formaldehyde and harmful gases released; afraid water soaked the floor (to prevent heat pipe breakage outflow floor damage) this case is negligible, after all, someone tube is not every day bad, is now also dedicated to warm the floor but are advised to question the tile thermal conductivity better

on the fight management of precious wood we all know, take care of them better than some of the composite, ceramic tile is even simpler, mop a drag on very clean, it does not matter waxing affordable composite fencing sale to Indonesia polishing and the like treatments. So the tiles are the best choice for the lazy. I do not want to have to come home one day tired whirring clean sweep that the family can relax comfortably in the nest, do not be tired of it, is that we enjoy life, instead of living we enjoy.

the price is the key factor twenty-three hundred square meters of tiles is a good tile, and use of the big brands, but two or three hundred of the floor can only be estimated composite decorative wall suppliers losangeles with a three-line brand, like the top floor, to nearly a thousand dollars! But the price does not mean low-low cost, safety tiles (tiles) need to buy cement, sand, especially labor costs to install tile expensive, so the total price is not cheap Ann Fabian tile floor!