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 Dimensional stability: Cold polyurethane foam dimensional changes occur at the time of rapid changes in temperature or long-term at a low high density plastic decking temperature (usually contraction), often reflected in changes in the size of the foam cracking or peeling, which is bound to affect the normal use of cold storage. In addition to doing regular performance testing simulation, pay more attention to control the selection of quality materials aspects: special high functionality polyether compound used to make the foam forming three-dimensional network structure, greatly improving the low temperature properties of the foam.

and now 4110 polyether commonly used spray paint contains large amounts of difunctional components, a large number of linear molecular structure formed by the reaction at low temperatures is difficult to stabilize; high functionality crosslinkers use has greatly improved foam dimensional stability sex; polyether its selection, the production stage using a strong landscape decking trash outdoor Hong Kong base catalysis, reaction complete, maintain a high reaction rate polyether (i.e., when in contact with the black material can react more fully); some manufacturers in order to achieve an apparent foam no deformation of the foam compound is added to the component openings can reduce the rate of closed cell foam to achieve a stable effect sizes, but at the expense of cold storage insulation properties of polyurethane foam insulation materials.

Third, the polyurethane foam insulation materials cold storage life: In addition to the basic properties of the polyurethane foam early, the performance degradation status foam is also important as an indicator. When white material preparation, used on the surface of certain attractive laminate composite decking gallery polyester material, although the foam has good toughness, impact resistance, but after a period of time will become brittle cold, no longer resistant to shock, impact

Glass film: iron for organic thin film of glass products, in strong enough under the impact of its broken, the old piece of glass to adhere to the organic film not flying. Glass in building organic thin film is a wear composite outside decking plank sale in uk polyester thin film after metal surface treatment, and another layer of polyester film composite coated on its surface have wear-resisting layer and a coating on the back is provided with a rubber, and affixed protective film, attached to the glass surface with enhanced safety glass performance (impact and supporting pieces of glass) or have reduce the solar radiation heat and UV blocking and sun control performance.

The affixed with safety, energy saving, etc. the performance of organic glass film, is to improve the feasible technical approach for building safety glass and improve the building energy-saving effect, can enhance the impact strength of non safety glass, extend the glass best decking material for children from external force and broken, can prevent glass burst caused by splashing of ginseng and damage to property. Namely: use made of transparent film filmed glass, although not to increase the mechanical strength of the glass itself, but due to the film of polyester base has very good humanity and anti impact performance, when the film is an external force crashing. The film will absorb lots of impact.

Which leads to rapid decay in film glass is hard to breakdown, still maintain good integrity of the glass film. The main function of building energy saving film is sunlight control, energy saving, safety, explosion-proof, block glare, UV, glass surface protection. This kind of film has certain safety properties. Building energy efficiency with different requirements. Its performance indicators include visible light projection ratio, visible light find patio perfect deck Italy reflection ratio, shading coefficient, U value and other indicators. Gel glass: in the hollow glass filled with a silicate glass, that is called the "gas gel" of the material, the particle layer thickness of only 16mm, light transmittance of 45%, heat transfer coefficient U value of 1. 0, clear vision and not much difference between the hollow glass, and the uniform distribution of light into the room. Good light transmission, high thermal insulation is the main feature of the gel glass. The inside of the low temperature radiation is far lower than the ordinary hollow glass, so it can ensure a high indoor temperature in winter. At the same time, it provides a great space for the refraction of light, the maximum transmission of light depends only on the extent of the sun's incidence angle, so that the day of natural light cry evenly distributed in the indoor space.