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temperature, natural Tiancheng, without formaldehyde, fire, waterproof, never deformation. Its high simulation effect, the real restore original natural wood natural feeling. 3, Hanaga Hisakumako: Kroraina ceramic flooring ultra resistant, acid and alkali resistance, long long time to accompany you forever. 4, easy to enjoy life: Kroraina porcelain wood floor, ceramic endoplasmic, easy to clean, good maintenance, a trailer on the OK, let you easily live. 5,

harvest more warmth: Kroraina porcelain wood flooring is most suitable for geothermal heating, the same thermal temperature than the solid wood floor 5 degrees Celsius, efficient and more energy efficient. 6, do Environmental Protection Ambassador: protect nature, protect the environment, choose Kroraina porcelain wood floor, you are the messenger of environmental protection. 7, return to the original ecological life: Kroraina porcelain wood floor not

only can be used in the living room, bedroom, but also used in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, so that you feel the original ecology of natural life everywhere. 8, let them go to envy: ceramic flooring by embossing dies or heavy glaze technology to fully restore the wooden foot feeling, even moth effects are done like, is fundamentally sandalwood, teak, rosewood, oak and other precious wood species were twins, even the Europeans for. 9, reflect shopping

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As the quality of life of the people of the city and the exaltation realized healthily among many members of the public in the family decoration, are the green, environmental protection as an important indicator of the home.And the authority of the results of statistics show.

In decoration materials, only two of the application of environment-friendly materials.In the decoration of public places, in order to save money, often make energy-saving, environmental protection and synthetic materials "grocery".

Just to save money to ignore environmental protection, according to the Chinese indoors decorates Association indoors environment monitor peak of the issues introduced in the committee room, the designated laboratory director Kang environment, The current national laws and regulations related to decoration materials clearly defined limit of harmful substances.

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Association to remind, There are ways to aggrandizement wood consumer rights, In addition, the consumers pay attention to collect the relevant evidence For the cases of complaints received by the Association at all levels throughout 2004, When consumers to safeguard their rights and interests should be noted that preserve relevant evidence, to facilitate the investigation and determination of the responsibility of the parties concerned.

An official in the Association told us that attention to the following rights: 1. The signing of sales, with operators Installation of the service contract, In detail the main content as much as possible should be included once the dispute over the quality of products.

Installation and acceptance should be based on what the specification recommends that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the white paper on "China's consumption of aggrandizement wood floor); And the operator to determine the duration of the warranty and warranty provisions;

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Consumer reminder: well-known sanitary ware brand many classic models listed for many years is still selling well, forming a certain reputation effect. Reporters suggested that in the purchase of sanitary ware products, we should try to establish a "brand consumption" awareness, in order to get a better use of feelings.

Before the decoration, may wish to seize the holiday promotion opportunities, in advance to prepare a good product ready, you can save a lot of renovation funds. latex paint Consumer trends: high-end environmentally friendly products are popular "Latex paint and wallpaper,

who's more share" has been the focus of the home improvement industry topic, the choice of consumers is the best reference answer. Sina home ongoing spring renovation survey results show that in the face of "what kind of wall decoration materials," the problem, 75% of the respondents chose the green paint,

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One of the most fundamental requirement is that conforming products must meet the national standards GB/T18102-2000 GB18580-2001E1 requirements for concentration limits for the basic standards and health standards.

Based on the understanding of the market 2005, At present, the cost of the production of Laminate Flooring upstream resources is on the increase, Therefore, in the case of normal operation, the analysis of its cost structure can be found: the market is less than 70 yuan is very difficult to get the product to meet the above criteria.

The floor of the excessive pursuit of low-cost products not only to their own home to bury next hidden trouble, It will also contribute to the spread of fake or substandard products, I hope the attention of the relevant departments and the vast number of consumers to be vigilant.

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This is noxiousness of particle of rice of so called accept.A lot of floors through the continuous release of nanoparticles to achieve the effect of the germs.

Now, the crux of the matter is that for a healthy up to the anti-bacterial floor, how much should the release of nano-size particle wouldn't cause harm to human body?The release of this security level of the nano-particle standard, is to be the most important unsolved questions in the research and testing of experts.

Meanwhile, antibiotics will become another development direction of people's health and life, last year is just the beginning, it will become a trend.

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And a lot of the selling price would drop, only 60-70 yuan per square meter.The use of solid wood material saving, Ms. Chapter the reader is also a kind of environmental protection said that his family had to use solid wood decoration can not be, she felt solid wood flooring is very comfortable, and the price can take it.

But to try to save as much as possible the use of solid wood, even if the money is not wasted, she thinks this is a kind of environmental protection.When she's in the pavement of solid wood flooring, the delineation of which areas of the home is it really necessary to use solid wood flooring.

Such a calculation is found in some places can be made of other materials, For example, the conversion of outdoor and indoor area at the entrance to the hall, Hosts and guests will directly on the area to change my shoes, Water, sediment "sensitive" solid wood flooring cannot afford such day-to-day test in 1st, so she suggested everyone in this region can be free to use solid wood flooring.

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Subsidence on a key stretch of highway in Nepal is causing major traffic disturbance. The BP Highway, also known as the Banepa- Sindhuli- Bardibas Road, has suffered subsidence on the Nepalthok-Khurkot stretch. The collapsed section measures 27m long and is causing delays for drivers. This Highway is an important route as it connets Nepal’s capital Kathmandu with Eastern Terai. Vehicles have been diverted to an alternative route,road compaction equipment although part of the roadway is still being used to carry traffic in one direction. Work to construct this stretch of road was completed in July 2015 in four phases. Funding for the work came from a Japanese grant worth US$210 million.used pavement maintenance tool trucks for sale

With Japanese Aid, the road now measures 158km and runs from Dhulikhel in Kavre District  to Bardibas in Mohottari district. The route carries around 1,600 vehicles/day. Cracks that can be seen on the road were caused by the recent earthquake. Following the appearance of the cracks restrictions were placed on the route that only vehicles with a maximum weight of 10tonnes were allowed to use the road. However heavier vehicles continued to use the road,highway sealing machine best option resulting in the collapse.Reports suggest that the local administration, traffic police and the Department of road did not block heavy vehicles from using the road. This is only the highway in Nepal for which advanced technologies have been used in construction. The Nepalese Government is now planning to investigate the road failure.

2016, guangdong faces weak force of international economy continuance to anabiosis pattern, anabiosis lack of power, global trade lasts low fan, a lot of national economy progress are in decelerate, be a delegate with protectionism, isolated creed " go against globalization " thoughts looks up, risk of ground fringe politics rises,

increase of factor of not stable, uncertainty, market atrophy; Southeast Asia the product of a few countries seizes the opportunity with low cost advantage market of race to control, euro and the money of a lot of countries devalue ceaselessly and the west all sorts of economy camp of a few countries, make the plywood of Guangdong, medium the exit amount such as floor of fine board, woodiness and woodiness furniture relatively go up photograph of year of the corresponding period is older than having drop, affect the export of lumber and goods badly.

Below so difficult situation, company of Guangdong lumber treatment is not crestfallen, face actively, washing out a part to lag behind produce can later, although have a few effects to the crop of some products, but produce positive effect however to the economic benefits of the enterprise. Add Guangdong estate development is rapidder, it is certain to machine the development of course of study to have to lumber pull a movement to use,

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By the floor manufacturers, dealers initiated the operation of the online shop and therefore also joined the "gold nine silver ten" in the battle, and the original by the physical shop to complete the task,used wall paneling homes for sale in georgia the flooring business also began through online and offline coordination of the way to complete. The industry is a more significant terminal changes in recent years, relative to the circulation of the store-led promotions, it is more professional and more market-oriented;[url=http://ecodeckings.com/wpc-decking/reused-composite-decking.html]reused composite decking[/url] compared to single-store promotion, it is more strength Also more influential. The heterogeneous alliance itself has the advantages of complementary resources, channel sharing and other advantages, making the product does not have a direct competition for the concern of the seller can join together to face the gradual cooling of the terminal market.

Second, the industry alliance to help its member companies better To highlight the brand positioning, for consumers, different grades of products can be described as "things to cluster",tongue groove roof decking delson lumber for the seller is nothing more than a good brand positioning; in addition, many brands formed heterogeneous alliance, regardless of financial, material or impact Force is far more than before, which also forced those "single-handedly" combat brand had to re-develop their own decision-making.[url=http://ecodeckings.com/composite/synthetic-clear-deck-sealer.html]synthetic clear deck sealer[/url] In short, regardless of whether to participate, heterogeneous alliances have become the floor of the terminal battle can not be ignored a force. Market demand for new changes in consumer demand changes, the terminal from the seller's market and then become the buyer's market changes, but also a rather significant attention to the changes.

In the upstream production capacity is abundant, many brands everywhere in the market environment, consumers are faced with a wealth of options. Terminal stores not only have strong product competitiveness,framing floor joist around above ground pool but also required to have excellent service capabilities. On the other hand, many flooring companies focus on the inherent needs of brand upgrades, but also makes the expansion of brand influence, re-positioning their own brand level and other demands significantly affect the terminal decision-making.[url=http://ecodeckings.com/composite/wood-flooring-prices-in-philippines.html]wood flooring prices in philippines[/url] Flooring companies need to improve the value-added products, establish a new brand image, the original positioning of the lower products are gradually off the shelf, the customer structure itself needs to be refreshed again.

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