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Hinder the normal sales several big camp began, when the word "vicious competition" into the scope of our hearing? Look at the floor of the shenzhen market, really busy: at the beginning of the end, the dealer side "show" yourself with a bang, while their plunder.

Then you will understand, vicious competition is not only companies and shouted "jump off a building to sell blood" price war. If price war play is Ming Ming dao, then false advertising and grandiose propaganda is * * to intangible in poison.

The so-called European brand, several dozen times better than the national standard of formaldehyde release a quantity to... Each sugar-coated cannonball, is nothing but misguided means, for the consumer that miserable, not cheap, but a disaster.

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Твердое ядро полы и окна решетки является сделать комнату показаться, изящные и элегантные. Возможно вы заметили изменение дизайна интерьера из викторианской эпохи в Соединенные Штаты, дерева всегда играли весьма важную роль.

Один классический скошенный стекла пола с цветами и удобные природные деревянные окна, пусть мое сердце было действительно в количество людей на дому. Украшающ подсказки: 1. уникальный металл этаж обрабатывает, склонны дать ворота добавить элегантности.

Соответствии с панели пола, чтобы создать иллюзию пространства может дать человеку впечатление роскошного благородства.

" верхняя палуба плитки которые не варп , стоимость композитных забор , на улице слово из древесины , фехтование цену на линейной ногу материалов "

As urban family adornment market warms up continuously, the demand that builds adornment material also shows ascendant trend.

When the user's selection and application of some family decoration decoration materials, More into the health, safety, environmental protection, and the concept of culture, is a group of people dotes sense of fashion, personalized non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting new decorative materials.

Natural stone, wood and bamboo, paper fiber, cotton and other natural materials are particularly favored.The most obvious feature of these materials is a simple and natural, Concise and fresh, give a person with elegant and warm feeling, in line with growing consumer demands of environmental protection, the trend of sales and marketing.

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our country can have 90% of regional awareness bamboo floor. If used in the northern region, bamboo floor moisture content should be 6% -8%. Hot home improvement market this year to cool the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, by the national macro - control and land resources shortage,

rising prices of commercial housing and other related factors and the size of the city demolition and transformation of this year 's real estate market growth rate may slow down, will be direct Affecting the sale of goods related to housing decoration materials, kitchen and equipment and other goods sales growth.

The two years of continuous warming of the home improvement market is expected to steadily fall in 2007 prices. In addition, according to forecasts, this year the city's consumer market will have several major points: cars, jewelry and other high-end market sales situation is optimistic, green food, nutrition and safe food consumption will increase,

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wind and frost disasters between Paulownia sooner or later. Therefore, paulownia wood furniture is very easy to get. 2, wide distribution of paulownia wood furniture factory is distributed more widely, this is because the growth of Paulownia Wood location is relatively wide, it is the area conditions requirements are not very high, unlike other trees so fragile. In recent years, many areas planted a lot of Paulownia

in all around, also vigorously AGRISILVICULTURE and planted in the field in the forest, some places also gradually to the development of mountain afforestation. Therefore, paulownia wood where paulownia wood furniture production base. 3, good quality paulownia wood furniture material is very good, paulownia wood is easy to easy processing in a furniture colleague, distinctive appearance of

paulownia wood texture, not easily split deformation, not easy to burn, the sound insulation performance is good, but also has moisture insulation, corrosion resistance, easy to dry. Point. Therefore, paulownia wood furniture is very popular. 4, use paulownia wood can be made into various furniture, are people pro gaze. In fact, paulownia wood can not only be made into furniture can also be made into

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pay special attention to moisture when using pine table computer. 2, generally buy a new computer desk with a special pine pine smell, some consumers will not used; 3, some computer manufacturers in order to cover up the table of pine pine knots with multiple paint spraying, make furniture surface coating thick, lose the pursuit of the natural color of pine furniture core value.     conclusion:

These are the advantages and disadvantages of pine secret computer desk house Xiaobian introduce, I hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of furniture welcome attention to the house decoration network.Because of the tall and straight trees, trees for the leader in the domestic furniture market used to make drawers, bed board and wardrobe up. So, Paulownia furniture? I want to know the answer,

please read below.    , paulownia wood about 1, fast growth is very fast growth of paulownia wood, general seedlings to ten years or even longer to become useful, and paulownia wood for five years can become useful. Referring to the " three forest, five years " this saying that most of the product quickly. It is suitable for the reason and its huge role in resisting drought, wind, dry hot

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Big abundant harbor imports lumber quarantine to handle an area to be checked and accept through national level On December 7, bureau of forestry of ministry of environmental protection of organization of qualitative check total bureau, country, Chinese Academy of Sciences, examine 7 people are opposite expert group related quarantine system project of division of processing of quarantine of lumber of entrance of big abundant harbor undertook checking and accept.

Checked and accept group scene to inspect quarantine to handle area facilities facilities, after listening to project construction and report of case of travel trying luck, the construction quality that checked and accept group height to evaluate big abundant harbor to import lumber quarantine to handle an area, moving effect and environmental protection effect,

think consistently to should handle an area to accord with qualitative check total bureau to put forward " distribution is equitable, the technology is advanced, processing is effective, safe environmental protection " overall demand, quarantine processing quality is in international banner level, suggest to pledge check total bureau popularizes application.

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Относится к верхнем этаже, деревянные изделия, мебель, ремесленничество, структура тяжелые предметы и т.д. Пиломатериалы имя: имя: четыре семени дерево (Tetrameristaspp) за рубежом Punak происхождения: Индонезия, широко известный как: богатые деревянные сексуальных целях: газ сухой плотность 0,81 ~ 0,93 г/см3, тяжелый материал, шатаясь, глубокий желтый цвет, красивые текстуры и распада сопротивления, равномерные результаты, легкая сушка, легко, обработки, сухой сокращаться, не трещины.

Относится к деревянный пол, деревянные изделия, мебель и т.д. Пиломатериалы имя: имя: Твин листьев дерева (Hyumenaeaspp) за рубежом Ятоба происхождения: широко известен как Южная Америка, Южная Америка помело древесины сексуальных целях: газ сухой плотностью 0,84 ~ 0,93 г/см3, тяжелых или очень тяжелый материал, текстуры шахматном, сердцевина распада сопротивления распада сопротивление, прочность, большая, очень стабильной.

Подходит для судостроения, мебель, пол, крыша, мост и т.д. Пиломатериалов имя: два стать иностранные имя искривленных бин (Диптерикс): Кумару происхождения: Южная Америка, широко известный как: longfeng TanCai сексуальных целях: газ сухой плотностью 1,07 ~ 1.11 г/см3, тяжелый жесткой или очень жесткий материал, текстуры, сушка в прямой или косой, тонкой структуры, или хуже, не трещины, деформация, коррозионная стойкость, стойкость к истиранию, устойчив к термитов, красивые " в среднем на палубе установки труда , в трюме водостойкие контейнеры , то что сводный террасы - коричневый , решетка ограждения групп "

Industry insiders said that since entering the 21st century, mahogany furniture industry to enter the peak period of development. The whole industry was showing a large-scale, regional development trend, there have been such as Fujian Xianyou, Zhejiang Dongyang, Hebei City, Guangdong Xinhui, Taishan and Suzhou,childrens table and chairs special price Suzhou and other traditional furniture production distribution center. Prior to this, the domestic mahogany furniture industry only scattered distribution of several workshops-style furniture factory, and did not form a regional industry group.

For contemporary classical furniture design and production, before innovation, more is to understand the wisdom of the ancients, in the "thorough" on the basis of further development. Beijing yuan Henry hardwood Furniture Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Bo told the Beijing News: "Furniture needs to adapt to the modern life of living, but in the traditional furniture on the basis of innovation, tenon structure and wood craft can not be changed,kitchen dining table and chairs but Design, size, and even material can be 'innovative' tools, such as the sofa is on the basis of predecessors, will be highly reduced, with a view to more close to modern people's habits.Although innovation is the trend, but talk about 'innovation' Before, the more task is to first 'heritage' do so thoroughly, this has the 'innovation' of the capital.

Classical hardwood furniture developed all the way, has been constantly on the front to absorb, inherit, and with the times change, social fashion and innovation, change, just after the wealth of the accumulation of classical furniture industry, in the amount of recovery has been the prosperity,portable foldable stool but in the Innovation, it seems "more than enough."

China Furniture Association traditional furniture professional committee chairman Dengxue Song said that the macro point of view, China's traditional culture in the contemporary is only in a revival stage, rather than re-stage, the meaning of the revival is more inheritance. To recast the splendor of Chinese traditional culture,small camping chair manufacturer it is necessary to experience. He said: "The traditional can not be broken, how to get both economic growth and make up for the lack of culture, there is no doubt that the need for precipitation and experience.

Floor as an important branch of the home industry, in this "troubled times", the floor industry to do what changes? How's the effect? In the first half of the floor industry is full of wonderful, Wood Floor and Wood Plastic Flooror helpless? In the first half of 2012, the market experience, the face of mixed market environment, not afraid of hardships and hardships, so there are many examples of contrarian and the example of the situation, the " Stand out,[url=http://wpcpergola.com/ ]Corrosion Resistant WPC Pergola Suppliers[/url] look at the reasons for its contrarian, the reporter found that this seemingly flat half of the time hidden in the search for too many "outbreak" in which. The market showed a high-end and low-end consumer groups, "dumbbell state" phenomenon, in this bipolar extension of the case, how enterprises "keep awake" is essential.

Poles extended to the white-hot of the first batch of the market to promote the military to solid wood flooring "focus on the outbreak" led, vigorously promote the development of the flooring market,karachi wood floor whole sale and become the first half of 2012 floor industry leader. Enterprise diversification of the development of traditional outbreak: in this year's polarization is more obvious in the market environment, and vigorously promote the solid wood flooring business more and more,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/18940.html]plasticity waterproof deck prices[/url] these enterprises in their own original brand influence, vigorously launched solid wood products focus Research and development to respond to changes in the market environment, and in the first half achieved good results.

Successful militia: in the face of the harsh situation,midwest manufacturing composite fence a breakthrough in the road of self-innovation to become the industry to compete for the goal, good change is certainly one of the elements of development, but how to determine whether this change is suitable for the enterprise itself, this is the title In the dilemma. Upgrade the force to send: to promote health concepts, the production of environmentally friendly board floor, the high-end market will be introduced into another vivid luxury life, but also to provide consumers with more choices.[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/20466.html]mahogany tongue and groove ceiling[/url] Horizontal retrogradism: these enterprises return to the "trend" and the line, vigorously proceed to carry out the development of traditional advantages of the project, and aims to improve their own differentiation, in the horizontal development to produce beautiful transcripts.

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