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narrow than the wide good, and cheap. Moisture content: Solid wood floor moisture content is a direct impact on the floor deformation of the most important factor, the purchase of the floor moisture content must be close to the local equilibrium moisture content. When you buy the floor, you must ask the sales staff to determine the moisture content of the floor.

The method is simple: the moisture content of the purchased floor samples is measured in the exhibition hall, and then the moisture content of the purchased floor is checked out. If the water content is only 1% 2%, it is suitable for the local laying of the floor moisture content. Machining accuracy: with 8 to 12 flooring in the ground after assembly,

hand touch and eye observation method to observe whether the processing accuracy is smooth, smooth, tongue and groove bite is appropriate. Not too loose, it should not be too tight. Material: with the eyes to see whether the floor for the same species, whether the board surface cracking, decay, skin, dead, worm, blue and other material defects.

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This process has the following aspects: to investigate the original roof conditions 1, to understand the structural characteristics of the roof system and the original waterproof layer of the characteristics build waterproof storage under a deck of the material. observe the roof of the grassroots situation, if any cracking, roof dislocation and so on. to understand the extent of damage to the old waterproof layer

the use of detection equipment to determine the leakage point, according to antistatic table coating wood the test results, quantitative assessment, and as the next step for the basis of leakage management. for the details of the detailed investigation of the structure, the skylight, chimneys

floods, yin and yang angle, water outlet, parapet and other parts of the careful inspection, record the leakage situation. a comprehensive analysis of the leakage situation On beautiful fence panels the basis of on-site investigation, the issues involved in a careful analysis to determine the scope of maintenance and specific governance measures.

This step includes: Leakage treatment According to the test results to determine whether the local repair or a comprehensive renovation, repair the size of the range, and what kind of construction methods. What is the requirement for the durability of the waterproof layer? Whether the performance Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust index of the waterproofing material for management and maintenance can meet the requirements. If the grassroots cracks, dislocation, which should be taken to enhance the way.

There are both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises; Both local young entrepreneurs, but also outside of young entrepreneurs in Shanghai; Both expand the development, obtains the good performance of entrepreneurs, there are also in the field of economy research, publicity of economic experts have made outstanding performance, financial commentators, and reporters.

A floor in the Shanghai market lately, was sold to more than three thousand dollars per square foot, so your floor can someone buy it? This floor for learning what stick a card? Who will pay for the floor? The floor of the 3000 yuan who is going to buy?

Street survey results show that most consumers said: "won't consider." "I won't buy. But the floor manufacturer -- -- -- -- -- the President of Europe allusion floor is has his story. Ou dian enterprise President: "supply sales have been nervous. Because we are the factory to do this product, the global it can only produce thousands square meters a year."

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layer of the floor.For bamboo flooring surface should avoid hard hit, edge tool, such as scratch, the friction of the metal chemicals cannot be stored in indoor.In addition, indoor furniture in handling, moves should be handled with great care, furniture such as rubber foot pad should be put.Bamboo and wood floor of choose and buy skills bamboo floor has its unique advantages: such as arts and smooth, elegant

tone;And apply to the nature, the use of natural, pollution-free, good dimensional stability, good mechanical strength and durability etc.But the product quality is uneven.Therefore, when choosing bamboo floor should be paid attention to the following: information is complete, usually formal product, clear provisions of the state should be a complete set of product information, including manufacturers, brands,

product standards, test grades, instructions, after-sales service etc.Information of complete products, the production enterprise is a certain scale of formal enterprises.Even if there is a problem, consumers can also be documented.Product appearance quality 1, bamboo floor appearance: first, its colour and lustre floor.Ecru floor color golden, lit;Carbonized bamboo flooring is tan or brown, even color and

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The performance of this new material and how it is applied in steel roofing waterproofing. Steel structure dedicated butyl waterproof sealant, steel roof panel lock seal glue Overview butyl sealant is a butyl rubber plastic wood flooring in saudi arabia matrix as a single component neutral sealant. With high elasticity and excellent resistance to aging, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties, for the interface deformation and cracking adaptability, especially waterproof, sealed, low temperature resistance and follow the performance of the most prominent.

Application of steel roofing system in the vertical roof lock plate bite parts, roof warp free lumber material sale all kinds of edge, plane lap joints, roof fan, pipe openings and other parts. Because the gap between the steel plate and the steel plate in the absence of sealant to do the filling under the premise of mechanical bite between the hard bite, there will always be some small gaps, especially in the temperature changes, wind load, snow, etc.

After the external force, prone to elastic deformation, resulting wood plastic composite decking windsor ontario in displacement at the connection site, or stress is not synchronized caused by cracks in the joint parts, rain when the flood effect, the use of seals, silicone toilet polyurethane waterproof technology can not be stained with the color plate Simultaneous movement of the junction, resulting in the phenomenon of continuous leakage of the roof connection parts, the use of butyl seal rubber lock after Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust the roof like a piece of metal, and truly "seamless".

if less than 70 yuan/square metre (when individual promotion exceptions), it is impossible to meet the above-mentioned requirements, and leave ammunition to the export of anti-dumping. And those at the expense of the quality, no brand and no service floor products, even if prices are low, in fact is also harm the interests of consumers,

more conducive to China's floor enterprise bigger and stronger. With the strong market demand, increasing consumption disputes and complaints. According to the reporter survey, most of which the dispute is because consumers do not understand the characteristics of the wood floor, or improper maintenance, or ask it perfect wait for a reason.

Recently, the Beijing Mr Zhang found their wooden floor has a big, and dealers, who is really too? Let us speak of from the head.

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The roof is the top cover of the housing cover and bearing structure, one of its main function is "shelter". Roofs depending on the drainage slope can be divided into flat roof and slope roof. Generally flat roof slope of 10%, the most commonly used slope of 2 to 3%, slope slope of the slope is more than 10%. China's traditional architectural ratings for composite decking use of slope roof, double-sided slope, four slope and so on. This roof slope is large, stretching freely, drainage quickly, waterproof effect is also better.

Since the sixties, in order to reduce the roof weight, reduce the project cost, improve the degree of roof prefabricated assembly, generally changed to reinforced concrete flat roof, the use of prefabricated round hole roof panels and cast-in-place reinforced nantucket gray deck boards concrete roof panels. Flat roof cost is low, easy construction, construction rain rainbow waterproofing made simple, simple appearance, suitable for a variety of shapes and sizes of the building plane, the current application of the most extensive roof.

Vigorously promote the application of new waterproof material is the foundation in the roof leaking water treatment work, should first select the technology cover up concrete floor is more advanced, excellent performance of the polymer modified asphalt membrane and coatings, synthetic polymer membrane and coating, elastoplastic seal Materials and new rigid waterproof material.

In the current waterproof material market cohabitation, we must strictly control the quality of materials, the construction site to enter the waterproof material, not only to meet the national or industry standards, factory certificate and materials Zhunsheng Zheng, must also be on-site sampling re-examination , Re-examination of substandard materials determined not to prevent fake and Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust shoddy products applied to the leakage of water treatment projects.

From 2016 "the history of the most stringent environmental law" since the introduction of more and more enterprises are consciously follow the national environmental policy, adhere to green production, bring home appliances for the consumer gospel, but there are still many enterprises and environmental Production contrary to the transition in this industry to become a slip of the fish, did not meet the standards of safe production,folding beach chair aluminum cost environmental protection, oral commitment is "false big empty."

The "Standard for Emission of Air Pollutants in Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Industry" published in 2015 put forward clear environmental requirements for furniture manufacturing industry. The implementation of the new standard is divided into two stages. The first stage is the end of 2016, The state of the volatile organic matter content of the coating does not exceed the specified limit, from January 1,bar round table and chairs supplier 2017 for the second stage, the provisions of the Beijing furniture manufacturing industry to prohibit the use of organic solvent (oil) paint spraying process.

In addition, in November this year, the relative concentration of furniture manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen furniture manufacturing industry is also the use of paint requirements, and the introduction of new standards prohibit solvent-based paint paint. As consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection,tall kitchen bistro sets national and local environmental requirements for furniture coatings, the scope is also expanding, and enterprises themselves from environmental protection efforts.

wood floor has natural grain, comfortable foot to feel, then a lot of people choose Mudebanzun to decorate material for the ground. So how to choose wood floor board? Having those who differ to choose a method with phyletic wood floor, according to old relevant work experience, share together with everybody. The feline be bored with of floor choose and buy is on color board floor surface is use lubricious energy through collecting or of special and chromatic got-up processing, eliminate the chromatism between alburnum and core material, can act as sale of floor of wood of high grade fact cheats consumer friend. But such plank does hardness of density, moisture content, lumber to wait because of the gas of alburnum and core material different, appear easily the arch since the floor, be out of shape, the quality problem such as craze.

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Differentiate a method: We are OK use sand paper burnish or curium floor surface end panel is looked carefully at to be able to present a very serious chromatism after the floor. The feline be bored with of choose and buy of floor of wood floor picture is turning receive board on a few undesirable manufacturer can use a few tails, get offline board the plank of real wood floor with different length receives craft joining together through pointing to and be become and act as sale of floor of pure real wood cheats consumer.
So what is element of core of aggrandizement floor choose and buy? Below China floor network is small make up bring floor of a few aggrandizement to lay outfit effect plan for everybody, it is very helpful that to us household decorates the wood floor choose and buy in the process. [element of core of aggrandizement floor choose and buy] one, see a brand famous degree of present Mudebanfu field competition is more and more intense, want the brand that is self-identity of the consumer that be mixed by the market only, indicate function of a product quality, environmental protection, after service all has more perfect assure.

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So, to us these wood floor choose and buys " dilettante " will tell, we buy aggrandizement compound floor can consult brand product, because their aggrandizement is compound,the floor is without giving thought to on quality or be to endure those who have test on carry out hind. Aggrandizement floor picture 2, take environmental protection index seriously everybody decorates dispute to often pay attention to environmental protection advantage to household now. But compound floor is in the aggrandizement that many undesirable manufacturer produce close nevertheless on quality.
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