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In science and technology prop up below, without formaldehyde plywood, without formaldehyde joinery board, without formaldehyde multilayer and compound floor, without formaldehyde wood plastic composites czech republic timberwork doubling plate uses plywood to wait for series product to come out, the environmental protection function of lumber agglutination product and product value increase greatly.

Do not have aldehyde according to hdpe solid lumber specifications Xuzhou cornerstone Yang Dianji of limited company general manager introduces man-made board: The Yang Mu capable person that at present production gives is qualitative common plywood, via the country wooden furniture pre fab fence wood materials reachs man-made board quality to supervise examine center (Xuzhou) detect,

intensity of static music of intensity of intensity of test specimen agglutination, suitable grain static music, horizontal grain all be accorded with or excel state level, formaldehyde releases quantity 0.015mg/L, be national E1 standard 1% , the 1/20 of standard of star of F4 of the 1/33 of E0 standard, pvc wall panelling Japan. The eucalyptus lumber that production gives is qualitative common plywood, via chemistry of Guangzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute analysis checks a center to detect, TVOC and formaldehyde are released all be not check goes out.

polyurethane paint; metallic paint is mainly enamel. 2, according to the state: can be divided into water-based paint and oil paint. Water-based paint is mainly latex paint, and paint, polyurethane paint, etc.. 3, according to the functions can be divided into: waterproof paint, fireproof paint, paint, paint and anti mildew with various multi-function paint etc.. 4, according to the role of form: can be divided into volatile paint and volatile paint. 5, according to the surface effect: can be divided into transparent, translucent

and opaque paint. The use of paint varnish: 1, commonly known as valitin water, is a kind of transparent paint containing pigment. Mainly used for wood, furniture, easy to damp heat affected objects should not be used. 2, also known as cooked edible vegetable oil: oil, oil paint, is one of the family decoration of doors and windows, wall skirt, heating cover, matching furniture for the decoration of the basic paint. 3: enamel with varnish base material, adding pigment grinding, coating dry after a magnetic light

color, suitable for reseau. 4, thick paint and lead oil, widely used in the rendering surface, but also can be used as the surface layer. Applicable to the requirements of the building and wood primer. 5, blending paint: also known as mixed paint, suitable for indoor and outdoor metal, wood, silicon wall surface. 6, anti rust paint, paint film is tough and durable, good adhesion, suitable for metal materials and the coastal warm tropical regions of backing. 7, grease, alcohol acid paint: the use of organic solvent such as

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If after one year of decoration indoor there is still a strong smell installing railings into plastic decking , by measuring the indicators are still seriously overweight, is heavily polluted, only the removal of pollution, or consider changing the furniture.The collection of five households free of decoration pollution control continues today to open the phone vinyl flooring adhesive cheap sale ,

Opening doors to five after building finishing. Indoor air pollution is serious in the family, and according to the actual situation, from "urban construction decoration" and "Garry Wei-kang environmentally friendly company" door-to-door free governance plastic extruded sheets deck industries , reduce the pollution as much as possible.

Recruitment Hotline: 87298432-101,102 In the United States and other countries, such as kindergartens, children's activity site often lay soft-wood floors, and in Japan, Taiwan and other places, for the mandatory provisions.Actually, places for the elderly, cork floor should also be laid structural insulated wall panel homes , therefore, in Europe, many older room,

Use more convenient. Sprinkler operation is simple, but can not be intermittent water, to properly grasp the beginning and end of the water spray time. With water spray easy to exert corrosion of the tank, the tank rusty. Relatively speaking, the sun heat reflective anti-corrosion coating technology with anti-corrosion function, but also conducive to the tank area beautiful. Saving cost of wood plastic pilings in Costa Rica valuable water resources, power resources, as well as environmental protection, safety and efficiency.

From the heat of the sun heat insulation anti-corrosion coating technology excellent weather resistance and water resistance, resistance to yellowing, no powder, hot and humid, salt spray, mildew and other performance point of view, it's more than 8 years of service life Reduced maintenance costs.

According to our understanding Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust of the anti-solar radiation raw materials and the best insulation effect of the construction methods and paint research and development experience, as well as the above list of a large number of facts and experimental data show that the use of solar thermal insulation anti-corrosion coating technology to achieve It is practicable to be a highly efficient energy-saving plastic privacy deck panel Mauritius storage tank and to reduce the oil storage loss of the oil and gas reservoirs, and the application area is very extensive: a variety of industrial and civilian equipment and facilities for fear of sunburn.

The water surface of the ship, etc. According to our understanding of the anti-solar radiation raw materials and the best insulation effect of the construction methods and paint research and development experience, and the above list of a large number of facts and experimental data show that the use of solar thermal insulation anti-corrosion coating technology To custom outdoor composite material achieve the tank to become "hot" energy efficient storage tanks and reduce oil and gas storage loss is feasible, and the application of a very wide range: fear of drying a variety of industrial and civilian equipment, facilities.

surface between the extension of the gap should be greater than ordinary wood flooring. Laying the need to pay attention to the ground floor when the floor can not damage the geothermal tube, can not affect the ground heat conduction, so the laying of the cushion thickness can not exceed 12-15 mm, otherwise it will affect the heat, and the laying of ordinary flooring do not need to consider these The Third, the difference between geothermal flooring and ordinary flooring In fact, geothermal flooring belongs to warm floor, but

from the strict sense, geothermal floor has its particularity. As the floor of the floor through the floor of the radiation heating, so the floor of the cover material must be dense, too many pores will greatly impede the heat dissipation, so now a lot of geothermal floor installation with solid wood flooring, or strengthen the composite floor and floor tiles. usually. The better the geothermal floor material, the higher the density. And ordinary floor tile type of material requirements are not so strict, dense or not dense can be used. What is the

difference between the floor and the floor? What is the difference between the floor and the common floor? Regardless of the kind of floor, the final decision is based on their own needs, and the different materials, different brands of floor, the price there are many differences, Below the Chinese floor network Xiao Bian for everyone to recommend three especially for the warm room to strengthen the composite floor. Reason one: the floor warm, pro-wood is the spirit of all things, life is very strong and moderate, the floor is good

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Exceed withy, profit from is super the layer of withy spring back of the floor, fold through 5000 90 turns, assure strength of tall spring back, although drop to also won't have keenly feel,old person and child go up in the floor, accomplished gold toughness; The ply of 9 millimeter, make agree floor of lightweight wood flooring for yachts Di Yachao class can suck 20 decibel noise; On wear-resisting function, super floor is 2 times of aggrandizement floor commonner, wear-resisting level is as high as 1000 to turn above; Exceed fire prevention performance, make super floor can accomplish nature leaving anger to destroy, fire prevention level reachs B1 level, the laid in the kitchen can raise safety to spend.

During National Day, be located in plastic composite t Ou Wutang of river of Pu cropland contain to press down Hua Minghua to reside the exhibition hall inside industrial garden everyday stream of people does not cease, people is in Chinese style experiences Gu Yun in replacement wooden bench slats contemporary household today bear annatto furniture glamour, article read " China the life " household culture.

Do not arrive 10 years, hua Minghua resides preliminary already implementation unifinication, compositive the system of catenary of annatto entire industry that changes efficient operation, become company of bibcock of unifinication of trade of annatto estate industry, was in on May 17, 2016 " new 3 board " outdoor eco flooring options in Ecuador hang out his shingle formally, become China " annatto the first " . So, the leader brand that how grows to be lived in for Chinese style inside short time is Hua Minghua is resided?

Polish eyes and urgent industry norms must be the same peer In recent years, sales of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have been significantly affected in varying degrees. Solid wood composite floor material for garden bench slats replacement johannesburg the fast-growing forest, solid wood flooring drawn from natural forests, in use will be more hard and durable. And now the consumer awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so according to the center of the data, solid wood flooring sales decline is not surprising.

"Solid wood composite for the difficult problem, which is mainly for the following reasons.First, the solid wood flooring wood compound producer list In the formaldehyde emission is difficult to control; Second, the enterprise blindly profit, in order to reduce the cost of using low-quality plastic, to the health of consumers and regardless of; third, the market yet to be standardized, allow unqualified products into the market. As long as the business, chasing the interests of nothing wrong, but in the pursuit of the interests of the time should deck gate self closing not be free to consumers, to a variety of gimmicks to bring high-sounding hat damage to the interests of consumers.

As a consumer, must also polish their own eyes, rational treatment of business shouting and speculation tricks.As the government and related intelligence agencies, on the one hand to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the development of the industry, strict raw materials collection, production, circulation Link, not to an unqualified floor into the market, another aspect, to speed up the improvement of the legal system, for violations of Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust laws and regulations of enterprises, increase penalties, increase illegal costs.

China's wood flooring market in 2005 supply from 130 million square meters in 2004 rose to 230 million square meters,terrace mosaic flooring for sale and Shun in 2005 solid wood flooring sales revenue also reached 700 million yuan. In view of the global shortage of timber supply, in 2004 Anxin purchased a large area of ??virgin forest in Brazil to protect the supply of long-term timber resources and thus became the first Chinese company to purchase forest resources abroad.[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/949.html]swimming pool benches[/url] At present, Anxin annual purchases of wood in Brazil accounted for more than 50% of China's total timber exports to the floor.

Lu Weiguang said the next three years in addition to solid wood flooring areas continue to expand the industry's leading edge, the focus will increase investment in solid wood flooring, the company has invested 80 million yuan,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/malaysia/1071.html]building wood fence directly on retaining wall[/url] built two world-class solid wood composite flooring production line, Next year will also invest 200 million yuan in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park to build three new production lines,deck wood prices while expanding the production capacity of solid wood flooring. On March 28th, the 8th International Ground Material Exhibition in Shanghai,

the prestige of the new Wei-licensing floor to lift the upsurge of investment,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/7197.html]faux woodgrain premade panels[/url] hundreds of industry around the elite to attract, expressed willing to join the Weiguang floor, there Even on the spot to come up with millions of dollars on the deposit. It is understood that the high price of the floor of the high-profile investment is very staggering, the specific performance of the customer requirements of high credit level, the strength of funds,make a planter out of deck boards the market operation ability, industry experience, to ensure that in the local market will Wei Guang floor made the first Brand. Just over a month, in addition to Tibet,

After at the same time project of base first phase builds go into operation, predict 3.2 billion yuan to realize production value, taxation 150 million reach 200 million yuan, best material for a park bench solve obtain employment personnel 6000 people. According to conference spirit bureau of gather group director is indicated, base makes construction high starting point, high level, close scientific and loop, advanced, have Yunnan distinguishing feature,

span the national level wisdom with type development top-ranking international is burgeoning base of characteristic region industry, face the machining center of important wooden industry furniture of southeast Asia, South Asia and trade centre.Michael Froman of American trade delegate and Chrystia Freeland of best flooring for outside play area minister of Canadian international trade issued statement on October 12, the agreement that new needle leaf lumber is between Canada and United States undertakes negotiation:

"Needle impeller industry is be being mixed to the United States is a crucial part for Canada. Reach a new needle leaf lumber hard in us before the agreement, bilateral Estimating The Cost Of A Wooden Fence official is in all the time begin the meeting between the government energetically, have a conversation directly in the bilateral and respective generator on the conference and other benefit relative and government.

Dai Saiying of author of traceable of 3 father brand, Chen Haibin and Song Yana " offer the more safe, air that be at ease to the child " this one good will. Company with " 3 father " children is special air purifier heads a core product, devote oneself to to use the best material, wood panel walls singapore level that holds to the most severe exacting, make the air purifier that can protect children respiratory system truly. Ongoing hair during special purifier of 3 father children, dai Saiying ever said, "Everything has the technology of side-effect and stuff to the child, must completely slam the door!

" this, dai Saiying of 3 father CEO expresses on the meeting, 3 father nowadays much the identity with an extraordinary sense, regard countrywide best composite deck style selections school nursery school as special furniture product and material brand, must popularize ten million without formaldehyde furniture height child orgnaization and children family, let more children use high grade data, enjoy more healthy surroundings!

Encounter when young city and traditional manufacturing industry, the energy that spurt gives out expects hard, the believe in that Huang Quanchun is this kind of energy person. The Heng Xinhua that he founds single-handed is in charge of also is typical Shenzhen furniture brand, in doing poineering work 20 years,outdoor snapping interlocking grooved wooden tiles huang Quanchun and enterprise witnessed the change of Shenzhen furniture industry: From the phase that the everythings on earth of extensive grows, arrive around the design, reinforce the level that pack,

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