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But after a decade of development, strengthening the floor of the many drawbacks like its advantages as obvious. Although the strengthening of the floor, but after all, not wear wood, but a decorative paper. Decorative paper surface layer is used in Europe and the United States manufacturing technology, equipment are also from Germany, the structure of locking and pressing technology are foreign, China has no independent design capability.

Own patents rarely, in the patented invention patents are rare, mostly remain in the design and utility model. Product innovation is small, mostly imitation. Such products are not competitive. The domestic wood flooring market is not calm, intellectual property infringement phenomenon has occurred. Shengxiang, Shengda who copied on the "EO" lawsuit in full swing, a time alerted the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, with the investigation "EO" of all products.

06 early European Code "3.15" integrity crisis, no less than worse, so that the whole of China to strengthen the wood flooring business suffered heavy losses. Wood flooring industry technology content is not very high, entry threshold is low. A few years ago to strengthen the floor overcapacity has also created many large and small enterprises, they have a small patent, technology backwardness, coupled with the size of businesses in order to ensure the flow of cash and had to fight for low-cost war, all serious damage to strengthen the floor business vitality.

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Cabinet dealers should know that a product in order to successfully penetrate the market, in addition to product quality protection, relying on the brand manager in the business, with integrity, professionalism, services to how to properly stain a deck consumers and customers to leave a profound Impression, in addition, product positioning in the market crowd is correct.

whether the way the publicity docking with the target population, the customer is also very important to share and spread, the lack polyvinyl deck cost of word of mouth and channel communication, no matter how good the product, and then the price is no good. In fact, the dealer itself, it must also have a certain degree of risk prevention awareness.

not blindly to the analysis of the manufacturers to support, to cost, to more rational thinking, multi-point manufacturers to learn business ideas and methods, In fact, this is also the general lack of wood composite material properties the current dealer; dealers can also learn more marketing to the manufacturers of some management methods, a small part of their own funds used to do promotions, stabilize the downstream distributors.

then there are about 1 billion square meters of the market, therefore, the market outlook, the strengthening of the flooring industry still exists The brand will be a concentration of the brand, the industry consolidation of the "Dazhi period." In the past two years will be a brand concentration, industry consolidation,race deck cost Malta "big rule period."

Mr. Peng Hongbin that the first competition group's top five brands in the market share may account for about 70% of the total, because China's laminate flooring after ten years of Wood Polymer Composite development has been very mature, and other industries such as home appliances will inevitably show " From a brand to the stage of the brand highly concentrated stage of fission.

Therefore, strengthening the flooring business to promote the brand thickness of the building, and strive to stand out in the future competition is to determine the fate of the key,where to buy wooden planks in singapore and with CCTV, the influence of national media authority to strengthen brand promotion will be a strong brand of strong initiatives.Initiate a large-scale factory appearance advocate "for the love and quiet" local brand "Rhine tiger" floor Banan District South Hot Springs a new plant project will be completed in May 2007.

To build the green ceiling of the supply chain is not the key to the product side, but rather the ceiling of the production process is to follow the environment-friendly and resource-saving concept. Ceiling enterprises should best wood for flower box maintain cost-effective advantage In addition, the ceiling enterprises should continue to maintain their high cost advantage, and should not be in the process of gradual loss of cost advantage.

ceiling industry is currently experiencing bottlenecks, mainly because composite plastic 4x8 panel treated the company's credit and brand has not really set up domestic enterprises do not have the ceiling pricing power, if it is still losing the cost advantage is very dangerous.

Therefore, the ceiling enterprises should focus on global distribution, integration of the most competitive industrial resources. At the same time, ceiling enterprises should try to grasp the pricing power. To master the pricing power, the first need to master the technology, the second pricing power is the capital. Next, the ceiling industry will have a reorganization of composite vertical landscaping timbers the acquisition process. Ceiling enterprises only have the pricing power and core competitiveness, to be able to build a "moat."

Gravel seal car is a multi-purpose road pavement construction machinery, widely used in a variety of road through the layer, sticky layer, seal layer construction. It can work in a synchronized manner, but also can be spread alone asphalt, gravel. According to the construction materials can be sprayed emulsified asphalt, ordinary asphalt, modified asphalt. In 2013, I used CB840 gravel seal car produced by Beijing Eurasia Company to implement 4km rubber asphalt synchronous crushed stone seal layer in Bogu Highway. Through the implementation of this project, I carried out the operation technology of gravel seal car A summary and research. Basic operation Add asphalt From the top of the tank to join the feeding port: when feeding observe the level pointer to prevent over-full overflow. A: Manual mode: open the lid of the tank top, connect the asphalt hose, open the F, B valve, slowly close the cross valve (J), start the asphalt pump to see if the asphalt pump can start, Increase the pump speed, fill the slow asphalt pump, close the F, B valve. B: Automatic mode: open the lid of the tank top, connect the asphalt hose, slowly close the cross valve (J), start the asphalt pump, the "manual / automatic" switch to automatic, to the cab on the computer select " And then to the car under the "function switch" to start inhalation of asphalt, fill in the computer, select "Exit" to stop the suction, add the asphalt cover after the roof cover. Precautions Feeding should be observed when the feed port to prevent asphalt overflow. Add the modified asphalt shall not be less than 170 ��, pure asphalt shall not be less than 150 ��. The asphalt shall not be added more than 1/3 of the tank volume after the asphalt or asphalt is heated for the first time. Auto Sealer Mode Automatic sprinkling cloth Select the "manual" mode on the burner control panel, start the asphalt pump at low speed, open the burner, select the heat transfer oil cycle, slowly close the "cross valve" start the asphalt pump, open the A, B valve to start the asphalt small circulation, Can be normal operation, and then depending on the spray arm of the heating cycle of choice or continue to heat up. When the spray arm temperature with a large cycle conditions, you can choose a large cycle, the burner control panel on the manual / automatic switch to "automatic", and then to the cab on the computer to select a large cycle. In the computer, select "work" and then select "asphalt" set the width of cloth, press the "strong spray" button, you can sprinkle the cloth. used vertical slotting machine potting machine name generator winter maintenance porous asphalt positioning two component shock marking machine

At present, Rhein Sunshine has successfully developed a series of forest and woods series, and he added her series, Mori breathing F0 series, sports trails, sports track, rainbow trail decorative waterproof wall panels and many other original products, and also has more than 50 patents and more than 100 items of knowledge property. "Completed from the E0 patented technology to the E0 E0 trademark and then to E0 substrate, E0 floor of the overall layout, so as to form a complete system of consumer health floor E0."

eng Hongbin president said. The head of the Rhine Sunshine floor also said that the Rhine sun sports flooring as the most cutting-edge fifth-generation laminate flooring,modern fences with low cost materials has won the top ten assured brand, 2005 China hardcover real estate building materials most popular brands, 2006 the most scientific and technological content Flooring brands, the impact of 2006 fashion brands such as home a number of awards.

2005, Rhine Sunshine sports floor first won the national floor, substrate sinhua double-free inspection. As the world's largest multinational Wood Group's brand, with the national E0 plastic composite flooring for garage store substrate and E0 floor test report, E0 patent, E0 intellectual property rights of the Rhine sunny sports floor positioning is committed to creating an international health floor brand.

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In foreign anti-dumping, internal price competition environment, how to face and innovation is a problem for entrepreneurs easy to build decks railings, and the quality of the gradually improved and more reasonable price will bring more affordable to consumers.

Recently, the 1000 square meters of iconography kenuosenhua kang tree three-layer real wood 5 s brand shop in rich, beautiful household best shine for composite wall panel, it marks the kenuosenhua will strengthen the strategic layout in the southwest.

At the same time, kang tree out three layers solid mu fu joins a floor board as the iconography of another "punch", after the market by consumers are snapping up composite porch flooring in lancaster, thereby unleashing a wave chengdu wood floor market.

Winning the E0 trademark, Keno China wins Premier Wen Jiabao in last year's government work report said that the future world competition will be the competition of intellectual property,build a privacy fence on a deck intellectual property will become the lifeblood of enterprise development. There is no doubt that, despite the national standard of laminate flooring has not yet introduced, but the E0 logo contains enormous business opportunities is an indisputable fact.

Thus, around whether the E0 logo can be registered as a trademark, the public launched another round of business competition. Inquiries from the Trademark Office of the State Administration for 48 inch x 80 inch pvc fence board Industry and Commerce indicated that, on May 23 and June 21, 2005, the Deutsche Group submitted the application for trademark registration to the Trademark Office twice. Oct. 28, "China Trademark Patent Network" published "Saint registration application E0 health mark,"

a text disclosure, the vice president of the Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Guo Hui in the tenth anniversary celebration, said the holy elephant recently to the State Administration for durability wood plastic flooring Industry and Commerce E0 health trademark registration application, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also been accepted.

It when I get the results of the inspection notice several rehabilitation hospital take corrective measures, but the hospital is always ignored, and through a variety of relations price for white pine 1x6 tounge and groove paneling at lowes, blocking the processing of technical supervision departments, the work at an impasse.

At present the case is under processing. Real wood composite decking used for bunk boards is not artificially stick, there are no harmful gas emissions and pure green flooring products with wood as raw materials.

So consumers when choosing ground material, more and more focused on real wood floor market. Have experts predict that as the market gradually mature and develop, real wood Yakima dura shield reviews will present three new trend in the future.

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