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3. Good corrosion resistance and pest control performance. South American fiber layer of thin and dense tube, so dry, easy to absorb water after processing, while a lot of wood species of higher oil,square pedal suppliers in singapore has a strong wear resistance and corrosion corrosion, resistance to deformation. 4. The appearance of fine, clear grain.

South American wood than African wood and other species to obtain more growth time, fibrous tissue combined closely, therefore, in appearance, South American wood pores are more delicate,buy snap together wood decking texture is more gentle. South American wood Main tree species 1, South America teak (double column hematoxylin) Material: raw wood Sapwood light red, heartwood brown to reddish brown, in natural conditions gradually composite plastic timbers turned into a light red shades of brown, heartwood and Sapwood transition is obvious.

sapwood light brown or close to white, gold wire pattern; wood slightly heavier, air-dry density of about 0.73g / cm3; gloss strong, no special gas taste, wood strength is higher. fiberglass pools with composite decking Wood is very resistant to decay; to anti-marine drilling wood hazards; anti-termite infestation.

The test results show that the quality of the corrosion resistant composite decking cost brand is better than: gifted home.

Solid wood flooring is derived from the solid wood flooring flooring types, both solid wood external pvc boards price beautiful natural, comfortable foot feel, good insulation properties of the advantages.

but also to overcome the solid wood ideas for soft sided pool surrounds fence easily Qiao,cracking the lack of recent years in the domestic market On the rapid growth in sales.

hang too much wind chimes, so as not to neurasthenia. 6, the bedroom light should be bright: the main color of powder, red, dark black, so as to avoid individual irritability. 7, the bedroom is small, not decorating too complex, so that the room looks too messy. 8, the bedroom dolls do not shut, locked up. 9, bedroom doors and toilet door can not hedge. Children's bedroom wall 1, children's bedroom wall can not post too fancy wallpaper, so as not to disturb, irritability. 2, the wall can not be affixed to the grotesque

animal portraits, so as to avoid child behavior weird, because there must be spiritual soul, to poly-like. 3, the wall can not be posted warrior fighting map, so as to avoid the child's mind to produce a brave battle mentality. Children's desk 1, behind the desk and not red door. 2, the desk is not facing the toilet, and can not be back to the toilet bathroom; around the toilet door can not be washed with the toilet. 3, not in the kitchen stove up and down, toilet bathroom from top to bottom. 4, the desk is best not to

have a high pressure (books on the bookshelf is not Kyrgyzstan). 5, the desk can not be facing the alleyway, red road or water tower. Child bed 1, child bed can not be set under the beam. 2, if the bed-oriented windows, the sun should not be too strong, the sun too easy to upset. 3, the bed is not on the balcony (that is, after the expansion of all or part of a child bed on the balcony), but not close to the balcony of the floor window. 4, beds are not in the kitchen stove up and down (susceptible to skin diseases, upset

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The so-called three-layer parquet, this floor will be more into the ordinary people's family. Installation easier, more solid floor will come out With the popularity of home inner locking plastic panels improvement knowledge, home D1Y will rise, the floor will inevitably require the installation of more simple, more solid.

From the initial complex installation to the present floor lock, it has been proved that the installation is moving in the direction of simplification and solidification of the direction of the future may also appear to install a more simple, more solid floor. Flooring design will be more humane With personalized,plastic decking dublin price list user-friendly development in various fields.

the floor design will break the current material, shape, color, more homogeneous situation, the emergence of colorful floor. For children, the floor color may be more bright, flower pot made fence lively, and even painted animal cartoon patterns, the floor is more secure, more wear-resistant, dirt, and its shape may also be designed into a unique bump type, Animal type and so on.

your house is for rent, then you one day after the renovation is completed, you can also take a day early to rent the profits. Wait until next March and April of the renovation season to consider, until the arrival is at least seven or eight things. 6, testing the quality of timber. Due to price constraints, the current market, almost no real drying accessories wood, generally only dry surface. Winter is the driest season of the year, the drying degree of wood is also higher, the lowest moisture content in wood, not easy

to crack and deformation. In the winter decoration, indoor and outdoor temperature difference can just test the quality of timber and construction, only after a month or two (so the winter decoration period is not too short), the potential quality problems (such as dry, deformation) will be reflected in a timely manner come out. And this time has not yet painted and hand over, the construction staff can immediately modify or removed, you can long-term guarantee the quality of wood decoration. disadvantages: 1,

winter decoration period is relatively long, generally more than 15 days of downtime. Winter construction period is often longer than the spring and autumn. On the one hand, in order to ensure the construction of the environment temperature to reach the standard, often only 10 am to 4 pm between the construction, virtually shortening the daily operating time. At the same time, low temperatures can also lead to slower drying rates, thereby delaying the construction period. On the other hand, the Spring Festival

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Although the vast majority of Chinese companies do not violate the WTO rules, there is no so-called "dumping", "subsidies" fact, but the US Department of Commerce is still the majority of cheap way to cover concrete patio deck "double reverse" case punitive verdict, and thus to the Chinese plywood and composite Flooring export enterprises have brought significant losses.

Fortunately, the composite floor "anti-dumping" fencing styles choose investigation, the three Chinese companies are not afraid of rape, fear of loss. The significance of this anti-dumping investigation to win is: First, for the Huaming enterprises to discuss justice, and Huaming enterprises to bring positive energy exports and development;

Second, the Chinese composite flooring stick on stair treads business has brought a very low punitive rates For the vast majority of enterprises have not been drawn to win the interests of the industry as a whole to reduce the cost of exports; third for the wood industry in synthetic teak decking marine decking and yacht carpentry the future "double reverse" and strive for international fair trade set an example and confidence.

Wen Jiang Liao calls, the home is engaged in decoration, as has been love wood floor endless natural flavor, from the bedroom to the living room, Mr. Liu intends to use all composit fencing gilbert az.

Last year, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a "wooden floor laying surface layer acceptance criteria" and "wood how to make a flower box with composite wood warranty within the surface layer of the floor.

Inspection specifications ", and for the first time clearly defined in the normal maintenance conditions for the use of wood composite bamboo flooring warranty period of at least one year.

At the meeting, Huang Xiaohang, vice president, said Nanxun wood flooring industry in Zhejiang Province is a typical pillar of economic industry, is the most prestigious International industry. With the timber resources in recent years, control, wood flooring companies for the relevant exhibitions are not high heat,average price per square metre of composite decking boards and many foreign trade enterprises to actively domestic sales. However, we must see the overseas market is a broader platform, our domestic brand name only to become a world brand to create greater brand value.

The Zhejiang CCPIT visited Nanxun leading enterprises, many of the floor to visit the development of enterprises is very optimistic about the floor, so the organization Nanxun floor stone cladding supplier in cape town exhibitors to take effect with confidence. In this meeting, the long Sheng floor, the Friends of the World floor, Gerson floor, and other business leaders have also made a statement, and thank the Government for Nanxun wood flooring industry development concerns and support.

I believe that through the Zhejiang Province to promote the work of the CCPIT-related work actively, Nanxun wood floor to the pace of the international arena will be more smooth!man made decking boards Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology from the country came the good news, long Sheng Co., Ltd.

21, after installation, she found wood on the back of the floor with moth eye, Chip Fences For Deck In New York the front has flaws and hanging marks, "test qualified" is printed up, the specific level of the floor is non-sticky paste; since July 2003 After 1 day, the manufacturer only marked "qualified products", previously divided into superior products, first-class goods and qualified products. Ms. Liu to buy the floor of the factory for the April 15, 2003 and May 6, why all the previous packaging quality printed as Bargain Prices Composite Decking "inspection", the other speechless.

Also found that "Yu Feng" on the counter, April 7, 2005 production of the floor, grade is still marked as "first class", not Mr. Ji said all the "qualified products." For the product there are three specifications, Mr. Ji said that should be 93 mm wide, Non Slip Bathroom Flooring For Sale with a 92 mm box, the bill is a good home US regulations, 90 to 95 mm wide wood floor is a bar code area, a unified logo for the 95 Mm. The business sector, said the change of the logo of the goods, good US home solidarity shop assistant Pan Hua said that the specifications fill 95 mm obviously wrong, the US home will immediately correct; Inexpensive Outdoor Flooring Solutions if the wood floor quality problems, the product will Clean up.

of the material shaking, if the sound of splitting hair to prove that the material blending more, less than two or less viscosity, material quality is not up to standard. If you can not hear the sound when you shake, you can verify that the material meets the specifications. 2, to buy less consumption ?? At the time of purchase, consumers can consult the business of coating the number of brushing and brushing area, do not think that the price is cheaper to buy paint is to save money. Some cheap paint, the consumption of

large, calculated not only costly, more labor-intensive. ? 3, their color is very economical ?? Some people like to brush the walls of different colors, if the market to buy a variety of colors to paint brushing, so a waste of money. You can choose to buy in bulk color paint and white paint, and then according to the required proportion of color deployment, so than to buy off-the-shelf computer coloring paint more cost-effective. 4, to buy business-led products to the market to buy wall paint, according to the

business in the store's furnishings to infer which brand is better. Generally the most popular brands will be placed in eye-catching position, and occupy a larger area of ??furnishings. Choose these brands of paint can not only buy peace of mind, to a certain extent, also for the wall decoration remaining money. TheRenovation of TV backdrop is a fine effort, poor decoration will affect the entire living room and even the entire interior decoration effect. The living room is an important place for family

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