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Waking up in the middle Error 220 of the night with Error Code 21 a muscle cramp in your calf is not fun. What can be worse is having a partner or spouse wake you up with a muscle cramp and not knowing what to do to help them. If you do the wrong thing, such as stretching the cramped muscle, you can hurt your partner.

There is a simple technique known Why Are Personal Training Business Plans Important? to many massage therapists that will Nea Gives New York Schools A Failing Grade cause an immediate release of muscle cramps in a very safe way. It does this Http Error Codes 401 by tricking the body to release the cramp.

The way to release a cramp in the back of the calf is hold the top of your partners foot down, then have your partner try to Texas Schools See Increase In Number Of AP Exams Taken And Improved Results raise their toes and the top of their foot against your resistance. The cramp should release within seconds. Then you can gently massage and stretch out the cramp. To see a video clip demonstrating this technique, please visit Smoker Grills - A New Twist On Grilling Food my website listed at the bottom of this Error 115 article.

Having your partner try to raise the front of their foot will cause the muscles on the front of their calf maytwentyglog to contract. When one muscle contracts, the opposing muscle is sent signals to relax. This happens so that we don't fight our own movements. The contraction of the muscles on the front of the calf will cause the muscles on the back of the calf to relax.

This technique can be used on any muscle in the body. You just have to have your partner try to stretch out the cramping muscle while you hold them to prevent the stretch from happening. For instance with a cramp in the bottom of the foot hold their toes down and have them try to raise their toes against resistance. If your partner has a low back spasm have them try to sit up while you hold their shoulders down.

The described technique only provides relief from a muscle cramp and does not address the cause. The underlying cause of majority of muscle cramps is from a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, or potassium.

The muscle cramps that happen in the middle of the night are typically caused by a deficiency of calcium and magnesium. Sources of calcium include dairy products, leafy green vegetables, seeds and nuts, and seaweeds. Sources of magnesium include seeds, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and my favorite, dark chocolate.

Potassium deficiencies can also cause muscle cramps. Potassium is lost with the body fluids such as with sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, and through the urine with diuretic drugs. Potassium deficiency cramps are more common after athletic events or after illness. Potassium can be restored with electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade, or with fruits (bananas, oranges), vegetables, soup broth, and juices.

When a small child or infant One-Visit CEREC Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns is having muscle cramps it can be a medical emergency. They have much smaller stores of potassium to begin with, and a deficiency will affect the skeletal muscles first before affecting the heart. Electrolyte drinks such as Pedialite can replenish the Canon Error 20 potassium.

You should no longer have problems with muscle cramps if this technique is applied as well as proper nutrition.

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