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electricity, labor costs increase caused by the floor finished product prices,environmentally friendly decking materials causing the market tension, the technical content of similar enterprises, Brand operation of a single homogenization of serious, wood flooring industry family "too large" led to the domestic market intricate [url=http://weidnerinvest.com/wholesale/15418.html]fancy gate of wood[/url] all this is increasingly tortured on the "vulnerable groups" of the flooring industry. 2008 is not the year of the death of the flooring business, but the big brand can break through the year despite the existence of serious economic fluctuations and many uncertainties, but China's economy is generally wave forward development, wood flooring companies will also Wave

forward development,recycled wood plastic foot bridge good weather is just an ideal, fluctuation is the normal phenomenon of the economy. As Zhang Senlin said, China's economy in the development of China's urbanization process is accelerating; the living standards of our people are increasing; China's housing area is seriously inadequate [url=http://fence-pergola.com/composite/2220.html]how to connect vinyl fence towall[/url] from these objective factors, the flooring industry is still a vibrant Industry, the current market crisis is neither a real inflection point, nor is the so-called death year, but the economic law of the shock reversal, is a few years ago the wood flooring industry overheated growth of the economy "retaliation" is over-reliance on high The amount of profit

and export economic growth model of an effective adjustment, in this adjustment, "survival of the fittest" natural law will take effect, thus promoting a variety of resources to the big brands tilt and close,how to build an outdoor handrail the birth of a real brand strong. The current wood flooring business should focus on solving several problems: First, how enterprises in the shortest possible time to find the domestic and international environmental changes brought about by the adverse effects of circumvention methods to address the possible decline in profits,[url=http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/11114.html]wpc outdoor flooring in the philippines[/url] negative growth, start Insufficient, discontinued or eliminated. Second, how enterprises in the international market to enhance their

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